Interactive Metronome

We are the only organisation in Geelong registered to provide this best practice intervention. Interactive Metronome (IM) is a therapeutic assessment and intervention program that is proven to improve attention, motor planning, sequencing and timing skills. Improvements in these areas result in stronger motor control, coordination, balance, improved language and cognitive processing abilities.

How does it work? IM provides a structured, goal-oriented program that challenges the client to synchronise a range of whole body exercises to a precise computer generated beat. The client attempts to match the rhythmic beat with repetitive motor movements. IM's game like features engages the client with auditory and visual guidance and provides feedback while encouraging them to improve their score.

IM integrates sight, sound and phycial movement to improve:

  • working memory
  • attention
  • information processing
  • sequencing
  • motor coordination
  • sensory processing

Who can benefit?

Children with motor and sensory disorders, learning difficulties, speech and language delays, auditory processing issues and a range of cognitive and physical difficulties including ASD, ADHD/ADD, NVLD, SPD/SI.

Refer to for further information and research articles.

The following are emails sent to Kelly from clients who have recently used the Interactive Metronome Home Program:

"I am the mother of an 11 year old girl who has been working with the Interactive Metronome Program for about 5 weeks. In this time we have seen huge improvements in her motor skills, coordination, organisational skills and confidence. Comparing my daughter's first assessment to the most recent one she has gone from being severely deficient in most tasks to being average or above average in some tasks. In one task she improved by 1200%. I would highly recommend this program to children with similar difficulties. Thanks Kelly for all your help and encouragement with ..."

"I am an 11 year old girl and I have been involved in the Interactive Metronome Program. I really enjoyed the program I have improved in lots of things likes maths and I have lot more confidence I got back on the monkey bars I ride my bike can play netball so thank you Kelly for every thing."

"My 10 year old son with Aspergers and ADHD has just completed the IMT program. I originally sought help for his poor handwriting skills and had never heard of IMT. After 4 weeks of IMT I was very excited to find a big improvement in the fluency and clarity of his handwriting. Interestingly, he had done no handwriting practise at all, so the change could only be attributed to IMT. Along with this change, his concentration and ability to cope with external distractions has improved considerably. My husband and I have been stunned by the persistence he has shown with the IMT program. Although we are predominantly interested in functional changes, my son was very interested in and motivated by his improving IMT scores and was constantly striving to better his times and averages. In other words, it was a program that was very well suited to his way of thinking. We were expecting tears, screaming and tantrums and there was very little of this. Instead, a fierce determination and persistence developed over the 12 weeks of IMT that managed to overcome any anger or frustration. At school, he has even developed an interest in music. This is very bizarre, for a child who hated music and had no rhythm or timing 3 months ago. His music teacher is very impressed with the changes she has seen. It is disappointing to find out that a treatment so new to Australia has been available in the US for a decade. I am impressed by the results I have seen in my child and thank you Kelly, for initiating a very valuable program"